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Campbell Funeral Home & Cremation Services recognizes that our community is comprised of diverse preferences of religion, philosophies and beliefs. You will find our firm is responsive to your needs and wishes. By offering a wide range of services, each family has the ability to create a meaningful and appropriate way to remember their loved one.

When a death occurs, there are certain criteria, mandated by law, which must be recognized and requirements fulfilled as a routine matter. Beyond this, the coordination of services and disposition choices are determined by the family. We will assist you and offer any guidance you may require.

Why Funerals Are Important
  • Initiates the grieving process.
  • Acknowledges the importance of a life that has been lived.
  • Can be personalized to allow mourners to remember and honor their loved one in ways that are special and meaningful.
  • Serves as a central gathering place for family and friends to give emotional and physical support to one another.
  • Provides closure for the bereaved.
  • Encourages mourners to face the pain of their loss and express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Helps survivors to better cope with their grief and assist in enabling them to move on with their lives.

  • Provides a context for expression of religious and other beliefs.
  • Grief shared is grief diminished--and grief denied is grief delayed.
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